Friday, May 1, 2009

Finding the source for MySQL 5.4

In order to really check what currently has made it into 5.4(there has been rumors...) I wanted to branch the code and see for myself.

Couldn't find it at first in our internal code repository since it's actually not named 5.4 there yet. Fortunately it's also pushed out to launchpad, that means you can easily get a copy of the code using bazaar

$> bzr branch lp:mysql-server/5.4

There is of course also tar balls available from our download page

Anyone curious about what our internal name is? :)

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gmax said...

However, before compiling from the source code, be aware that there may still be a tiny little bug, which you can fix easily on your own.
As for our internal name, people can have a clue by looking at Kaj and Zack twits and blogs a few weeks before the conference. They were both mentioning the code name in unsuspecting circumstances, giving our PR people a scare :-)